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O&J Honey from SHINJUR

It’s pure and natural. It comes from Chitral, North West Pakistan, located in the rugged range of Hindu Kush Mountains. Chitral is the land of deep green valleys, white glaciers, mountain springs and the flowing icy cold crystal clear water in the singing streams; where the weather is fine, the land is fertile and wild natural flowers including “Shinjur” are in abundance.

SHINJUR or “Russian Olive” flowers are the main source of nectar.
SHINJUR is good for the throat; It enhances the immune system and gives strength to the heart and other vital parts of the body.

Facts about Pure Honey:

Honey has been used as a source of sweetness since ancient times.Colour & Quality: Honey can be white, brown, golden brown or reddish brown, depending on the source (flowers), land and weather conditions. Bee’s first choice is Organic Flowers. Pure honey has no expiry; Honey found in Egypt after four thousand over years was still found in good condition. Honey absorbs moisture and is anti bacterial plus anti toxic and cuts body fats. It also has natural healing qualities.

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